Aphelion Wine Co. concentrate on grape varieties that thrive in the Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale, with a sprinkling of the best of surrounding regions, like the cooler Adelaide Hills.


We craft our wines to match the foods we love to eat – Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian. Think tomato, ginger, garlic, chilli, seafood.


McLaren Vale wine region is diverse, with 19 different soil types. It is sustainable, with more than 60% of vineyards certified by the locally developed Sustainable Australia Winegrowing program.


Varieties from Italy, Greece and Spain do very well here, as they suit our changing climate, what we put on our dinner tables, and what we order when we eat out.

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Vintage 2017

Single Vineyard Mataro

Single Vineyard Grenache

Representative McLaren Vale Grenache

Grenache Shiraz Mataro

Single Vineyard Sagrantino

Vintage 2016

Released January 2017 – On Sale Now

Aphelion McLaren Vale Grenache Berry 2016

Pure Blewitt Springs character. So bright and vibrant with red fruit, but never candied or cloying. Made from 100% whole destemmed berries from Marsh Brini’s north-south running 80 year old bush vines, just off Chalk Hill Road. Fermented on berries, free run juice makes up this delicious wine. Unfiltered & unfined.


Awarded 93+ by Mike Bennie of The Wine Front.

Aphelion McLaren Vale Grenache Bunch 2016

Add whole bunches to the winemaking process and you add another layer of flavour. Spiciness. Green herbs. Savoury characters – of a good kind! Made from 100% whole bunches of Grenache fermented together on skins, seeds and stems, we had some fun with traditional foot treading to kick off fermentation. The free run juice was run off into neutral oak to make this stunning wine. Different from the Berry, taste the difference winemaking technique has yourself!

Awarded 93+ by Mike Bennie of The Wine Front.

Aphelion McLaren Vale Grenache Pressings 2016

Our Bunch Grenache was gently pressed in a hydraulic basket press to produce this wine. Pressing the skins, stems and seeds has a unique effect on mouthfeel and flavour. Stronger tannin, more spice, bolder tannin are its’ hallmarks. Still with the signature savoury flavour profile Rob Mack prides himself of – this is as far from Redskins and Rasberry Jam as you can get. A grown up’s Grenache.

Awarded 91 points by Mike Bennie of The Wine Front.

Aphelion McLaren Vale Grenache 2016

Like an artist, the winemaker takes their palette of colours and flavours and combines them together in precise proportions to create something bigger, better than the sum of it’s parts. So it is with our 2016 Grenache. Select barrels of the Berry, Bunch and Pressings were blended to highlight the best of each in a wine that showcases every aspect of Brini’s fruit. Balanced, savoury, spices, elegant tannin. We love it.


Awarded 92 points by Mike Bennie of The Wine Front.

Aphelion McLaren Vale Mataro 2016

Mataro – so often blended away, this dark and brooding beauty has a bright and aromatic side too. Coaxed out by careful winemaking technique, such as extended maceration on skins, has yielded a rare beauty.

Destined to be bottled in Spring 2017.

Released to you in late Spring 2017.


Vintage 2015

Released January 2017 – Temporarily Out Of Stock

Aphelion McLaren Vale Sagrantino 2015

Sagrantino stole our heart.

We made a pilgrimage to Umbria – the “Green Heart of Italy” and home of Sagrantino in 2015. Like giddy schoolchildren (of legal drinking age!) we tore around the countryside in a drop-top Fiat 500 and sampled Sagrantino in every form available. Sweet sacrement wine – the way it was first produced centuries ago, bold table wines, sparkling and sparkling rose.

A handful of kilometres from our home, Joe Lopresti with his dad and uncle tend just 2 rows of precious Sagrantino. Slow to grow, not vigorous, late to ripen, it is easily spotted from Aldinga road. We secured some fruit from Joe and a dream was born.

Blueberries and violet on the nose, bold black fruit and bold tannin in the mouth. Sagrantino meet steak. Or ragu. Or stew. Or, enjoy by itself like we often do. We love it.

And so do you.

So much so, we are out of stock on our website. Pending the stars aligning, we may be able to release a little more come late Spring 2017, in conjunction with our 2016 Mataro.


Awarded 94 points by Mike Bennie of The Wine Front.

Vintage 2014

Released January 2016 – Sold Out July 2016

Chardonnay 2014

A special, sun-kissed vineyard is the source of the Aphelion Wine Chardonnay. Where McLaren Vale meets the Adelaide Hills up above Blewitt Springs, Bill Hardy grows cool climate Chardonnay that faces the Gulf of St Vincent. Try with a strong Cheddar accentuates the sherbertty acid, and also the bitiness of the cheddar.

Grenache Whole Berry 2014

Brini has a passion for his vineyard that is clear when you meet him and that is all around you when you walk his SW facing, SW-NE running vineyard off Chapel Hill Rd in the Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale. 80 year old Grenache bush vines.are protected from birds with modern innovations, like helium filled balloons that rise and fall to frighten birds away.

Grenache 50/50 2014

Bunches are our grenache grower Brini’s pride. Fermenting whole bunches adds a different complexity of flavours, so the 50/50 was made of half whole bunches of grapes and half whole berries.that have been de-stemmed. The 80 year old bush vines, under Brinney’s care, put the sun’s energy into both grapes and stems. Why not make use of both? Try with a creamy pasta or fish dish.

Grenache Pressings 2014

After the effort that goes into producing grapes, against the odds of drought, storms, frost, and birds, you wouldn’t want to waste a drop. When making wine, some juice naturally bursts through the grape skins during fermentation. This is drained off as free run juice. What is left are moist skins and berries that had not burst. By pressing and squeezing the skins, more juice is extracted, with a style all of it’s own, distinct from free run juice. Try with a light, savoury meat, cheese or chicken dish.

Grenache 2014

Bolder and more complex than it’s siblings, this wine combines the best of the Blewitt Springs “terroir” and different winemaking techniques to bring out the best characteristics of McLaren Vale Grenache. Bush vine grown fruit treated with respect by an innovative young winemaker with a vision to highlight the nuances that land and hand have on this variety. Try with a light, savoury meat, cheese or chicken dish to let its complexity shine.





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