It starts with the sun and the earth.


Farmers in McLaren Vale till our rich, ancient soils in environmentally sustainable ways to harvest world class produce. Our growers are passionate about producing premium, hand tended grapes. To do so, only the most select, unique parcels of land are used by our growers to create the premium quality of Aphelion Wine.


Four such parcels produce our wines.

Chardonnay – Adelaide Hills

Behind McLaren Vale are the Mt Lofty Ranges. Wind up into those ranges and you emerge into the southernmost end of the Adelaide Hills. Here on a hillside facing the ocean is Bill Hardy’s chardonnay block.

Mataro – Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale

Just a little down the hill, south west from the Grenache vineyard is where our Mataro is grown. Fine weave nets protect the bunches and minimise risk to wildlife. While a compact plot of one hectare (2.2 acres), the quality of the grapes is outstanding.

Grenache – Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale

Head east from the township of McLaren Vale, toward the Mount Lofty Ranges, and you come across the Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale. Our grower Marsh Brini owns the SW facing, SW-NE running vineyard off Chapel Hill Rd that produces the grapes that go into our Aphelion Wine Grenache. 80 year old Grenache bush vines are protected from birds with modern innovations, such as helium filled balloons that rise and fall to frighten birds away.

Sagrantino – Whites Valley, McLaren Vale

Nestled between the town of Willunga and the sea is Whites Valley, where our Sagrantino is grown. Other emerging Italian varietals are also grown here by Joe Lopresti, as they are so suited to the Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale, and what we love to eat here.

Running north – south on this west facing block, two rows of scarce local Sagrantino are grown and carefully hand tended.





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