SOLD OUT Winemakers Grenache Six Pack 2016

$29.00 per bottle



Winemaker Rob Mack has created this special six pack containing all of our 2016 vintage Aphelion Grenache wines.

Each six pack includes:

1 x Aphelion 2016 Grenache Berry

1 x Aphelion 2016 Grenache Bunch

1 x Aphelion 2016 Grenache Pressings

3 x Aphelion 2016 Grenache

This is the best way for you to discover the breadth of flavour possible from Grenache grown in Blewitt Springs in McLaren Vale.

Each of our four Grenache wines has it’s own distinct personality, despite being hand picked from the same single vineyard on the same day from the same 80 year old bush vines.

The only difference has been in the treatment of the grapes during the winemaking process.

Taste the three components that go into our Aphelion 2016 Grenache, which displays great complexity and balance from being greater than the sum of its’ three parts.

Why not gather some friends and open all four bottles at once? Learn how to host an Aphelion Grenache Tasting Party here.

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