Without our growers, there is no Aphelion Wine. They craft from the earth and the sun premium grapes with minimal intervention in Australia’s most sustainable wine region. Nestled between hills and the sea, their hard work and passion is seen on the vines and in the bottle.



A special, sun-kissed vineyard is the source of the Aphelion Chardonnay. Where McLaren Vale meets the Adelaide Hills up above Blewitt Springs, Bill Hardy grows cool climate Chardonnay that faces the Gulf of St Vincent.



brini-grenache-vineyard-eBrini has a passion for his vineyard that is clear when you meet him and that is all around you when you walk his SW facing, SW-NE running vineyard off Chapel Hill Rd in the Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale. 80 year old Grenache bush vines are protected from birds with modern innovations, such as helium filled balloons that rise and fall to frighten birds away.

Bush vine Grenache can only be picked by hand – it’s impossible to get a machine harvester to take the fruit from this style of vine pruning. Fermenting whole bunches adds a different complexity of flavours, so the Bunch Grenache was made of half whole bunches of grapes and half whole berries that have been de-stemmed. The 80 year old bush vines, under Brini’s care, put the sun’s energy into both grapes and stems. Why not make use of both?

After the effort that goes into producing grapes, against the odds of drought, storms, and birds, you wouldn’t want to waste a drop. When making wine, some juice naturally bursts through the grape skins during fermentation. This is drained off as free run juice. What is left are moist skins and berries that had not burst. By pressing and squeezing the skins, more juice is extracted, with a style all of it’s own, distinct from free run juice.

Bolder and more complex than it’s siblings, the Aphelion Grenache Blend combines the best of the Blewitt Springs “terroir” and different winemaking techniques to bring out the best characteristics of McLaren Vale Grenache. Bush vine grown fruit treated with respect by an innovative young winemaker with a vision to highlight the nuances that land and hand have on this noble variety.



Nestled between the town of Willunga and the sea is White’s Valley, where our Sagrantino is grown. Other emerging Italian varietals are also grown here by Joe Lopresti, as they are so suited to the Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale. Running north – south on this west facing block, two rows of scarce local Sagrantino are grown and carefully hand tended.





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